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#1: Dan Shanoff

Featured Blog Entry:
Top 20 Most Influential Sports Bloggers

"The depth of quality in sports blogging is phenomenal. The leap that has been made even in the last 18 months – or even the last year – has effectively allowed sports blogs, as a whole, to become as much of a fundamental part of fan consumption as ESPN or their local newspaper coverage. (And of all sports-media outlets, blogs have, by far, the most exciting growth prospects. Consider how many names on this list didn't even EXIST 6-to-18 months ago.)"
#22: DMtShooter
Five Tool Tool

Featured Blog Entry:
Pissing Off Mrs. Milt Thompson

"At which point Mrs. Milt Thompson (presumably), who was sitting right behind us, proceeded to loudly suck all of the air out of the stadium in a classically understated display of Spurned Woman Fury."

#2: Precious Roy
Kermit The Blog

Featured Blog Entry:
Beisbol Been Barry Barry Good to, uhÖ Barry

"Still most of the reporting remains focused on the feds, the remnants of the BALCO scandal, the toothless investigation by the Mitchell committee, or some other informant du jour. It's almost as if the media and MLB are both waiting for someone to hand over a smoking gun registered to Barry with his prints on the still warm grip ('Hey look, Godot!'). What there hasn't been much of is an examination of the probability that what Barry has done was legit from a purely statistical standpoint."
#21: Sarcastro
The Pittsburgh Dish

Featured Blog Entry:
Steelers unveil stupid mascot

"But to strike back at the Rooneys for thinking, even for a second, that this moronic costume will somehow engender greater loyalty, support, or excitement, Dish proposes we have our own little naming contest. Leave your suggestions in the comment section. Dish will get you started: * Mr. Stupid-looking Mascot * Mr. No Longer Applicable Symbol of Pittsburgh"

#3: Slick Bomb
On the Show

Featured Blog Entry:
Griffey Jr. out with a colon

"I can't believe I put modern philosophy and bukkake jokes in the same post. It's like college did and did not happen at the same time."
#20: Mr. Smooth
Smooth As Sandpaper

Featured Blog Entry:
I think Mr. Ed would be against this!

"Derby officials can (not-so-randomly) test their athletes. In both cases, the health and safety, as well as the image of the sports, are the main reason for the testing. I believe that especially MLB should follow the lead of the horse industry."

#4: TheGoldfishCowboy
A Pudge Is A Sandwich

Featured Blog Entry:
Dipping Into The Well of Frustration (Ought Six Version)

"I have never, until Clay, come across a more poorly guised effort to try and squeeze any, and I mean any, former hometown basketball player, trainer, coach, or waterboy into print each day.""
#19: Grimey
Bad Braves Fan

Featured Blog Entry:
If I Ran...the Oakland Athletics

"Fire Bob Geren. I realize that Bob Geren hasn't managed a single game yet, but this was a bad hire to begin with. Geren clearly is neither a loud black woman, nor is he a twelve-year old boy. Will Geren ever admonish his players by instructing them to 'talk to the hand'? Or will Geren's mother ever pull him from a night game because it's past his bedtime? I don't think so."

#5: Burnsy
Blumpkins for All

Featured Blog Entry:
On Behalf of St. Louis Cardinals

"It's a game I invented in which we fill a shot glass with beer and drink one shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes...each minute symbolizes every year that has passed since the Cubs have won a World Series....THEN we drank absinthe with Steve Bartman after we locked Jason Marquis in a bathroom with a gay pit bull....I tried to take his keys and Tony ate my soul. He's like a dementor from Harry Potter."
#18: Sargent
Dropping Dimes

Featured Blog Entry:
Eric Snow, PG for Cleveland

"My main question is this: Is there one player in the NBA that starts for his team that is worse (or more irrelevant) than Eric Snow?"

#6: Vanilla
Half Fast

Featured Blog Entry:
That Wasn't Me You Saw Running

"When I run the bugs come at me so fast I have to wear eye protection, it's astonishing that the State of Colorado hasn't enacted a mandatory helmet law for me, because I'm fast and this is easy."
#17: Mini Me
WBRS Sports Blog

Featured Blog Entry:
TO and Wade Phillips at the Family Dinner Table

"TO: I like you Wade, I really do. Bill was starting to get on my nerves. Always running the ball, it bothered me. He didn't understand that I want the ball, I need the ball, I am the ball."

#7: Monday Morning Punter
Kissing Suzy Kolber

Featured Blog Entry:
I'm Sorry, Vince Lombardi Trophy

"And while the Halas trophy and I have tenuous conversations on the living room sofa, fights about the toilet seat, and unsatisfying sessions of lovemaking, I'll be yearning, hungry, for your delightful charm and pristine sheen."
#16: Extra P
The Extrapolator

Featured Blog Entry:
Tom Brady: Iím the Father of Anna Nicoleís Baby

"Former 2,000 yard rusher and acquitted murder suspect O.J. Simpson persists in his own claim to be the father of Smith's baby. Speaking in front of reporters, Simpson accused Brady of denying him his paternal rights and announced his decision to file suit for intentional infliction of emotional distress, which he valued at $12 million."

#8: One More Dying Quail
One More Dying Quail (blog)

Featured Blog Entry:
My Father, My Hero

"After the game, which we ended up winning 9-8, I walked toward the parking lot with my dad, still absolutely giddy about the way the final three innings had unfolded, the heart our team had shown in erasing that daunting deficit. 'Whaddya think of that?' I asked as we crossed left field, a huge smile creasing my face. 'I'm proud of you,' he answered in his deep, quiet voice. It wasn't necessarily the response I had been expecting."
#15: Paul
The Happy Recap

Featured Blog Entry:
Mets Shave Their Heads

"David Newhan and Shawn Green were the last two to go under the buzzers and they used each other for moral support. Newhan had long hair which probably will take a year or more to return. Green just looks incredibly goofy with the new haircut, and it makes his ears look huge."

#9: David

Featured Blog Entry:
Ballad of Isiah

"Putting your faith in Isiah is like dropping acid for a midterm or like breakin' up with your girlfriend cause you think you have a shot at Jessica Alba.v"
#14: Jon Pyle
Pyle of List

Featured Blog Entry:
Quicklist: What Boxing Can Learn from the UFC

"There are boxing matches on TV everyday but nobody really cares about any of them. While the Contender is nice for Sly Stallone to pretend he’s Rocky all over again or allow the bitter boxing rivalry of the USA vs. the UK to continue, it can only contribute to boxing the way American Idol contributes to music."

#10: Brian
Orioles Review

Featured Blog Entry:
Oh what a week it was

"The Orioles continue their full-on assault of my soul. Their mission? Make me totally ignore this blog and baseball as a whole by June 1st. While their effort has been commendable, they don't know who they're up against. I take a beating and keep getting up better than Dwyane Wade. Just ask my ex-girlfriends."
#13: J-Fizzle
It's Still Football

Featured Blog Entry:
Infiltrating SportsNation: Hawaiians Love the AFL

"Previously, Gary's made us wait this long, presumably to finish savoring his Werther's Originals, but at almost ten minutes, I'm wondering if he forgot his Metamucil this morning and is, shall we say, a little delayed."

#11: Satchmo
Manning Family Reunion

Featured Blog Entry:
Tin Arm Anagrammatica's Matchup Of The Week

"Even though Girl, there's no beer, B, is out for at least the first week after an emergency appendectomy, and their #1 receiver, Shined Raw, is ailing, Pittsburgh is ready to defend it's title in the Chill Bower of Steel Town. When asked about the replacement QB, the only answer reporters got was "Ach, real bitch, that one." No one knew how Sean Connery got into the clubhouse, and he was soon removed from the premises."
#12: Signal to Noise
Signal to Noise (blog)

Featured Blog Entry:
Your New White House Press Secretary

"DG: What motivation could the administration and the President have for sending over 20,000 more troops to Iraq?
BP: Look, you guys have the charts right in front of you. If you're not gonna read 'em, I'm not gonna take the time to explain them to you.
DG: But is this a real plan to win the war or another cynical calculation?
BP: David, I'll say it again: the reason we're doing this is because if we're not going to give it a shot, we might as well pack up and go home. Success is never final, but failure can be."